Yoga meets Mandala

(Workshop language is Polnish)

We are Joanna and Guka. We would like to invite you to a weekend of yoga and mandala in the Sokolik House. Where did the idea come from? We have a passion for art, yoga and meditation.We see the world in a similar way and have similar values and sensibilities. Moreover, we both love to share our passions with others.

The Yoga meets Mandala event was met with great sympathy and appreciation from our female participants. It was natural for us that this format is worth repeating. Our idea is to spend time together in nature, painting mandalas and practicing yoga. We invite you to take a journey to inner peace and deceleration at the end of summer. In the 2024 program, we are additionally offering pre-dinner yoga classes.


Mandalas are geometric shapes that in many traditions are considered the highest form of spiritual art. Painting mandalas is a wonderful activity for meditation, self-expression and calming the mind and body. The mandala created is an expression of our unique and creative self. In our workshop you will learn the DOT MANDALA (dot mandala) technique, which makes it easy to create a mandala for an individual intention.


Guka (Gosia Proc) has been sharing her yoga practice for years, mainly in Switzerland and Poland, but also in other countries. She believes that travel and yoga workshops are a very important part of self-knowledge. Why? So everyone has more time to focus and contemplate on the practice and philosophy of yoga. Guka is constantly striving to expand her knowledge. She has completed trainings in various aspects of yoga with teachers in Switzerland, the United States and India. Her goal in life is to show that literally anyone can practice and experience yoga. During her stay at Sokolik House, she will offer a morning yoga practice, meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques). The morning yoga practice will be dynamic and awakening. We will practice various breathing techniques and meditate. The evening practice aims to calm, stretch and relax the body. Instagram: Guka Pitu

Place: Dom Sokolik, Trzcinsko 21, 58-520 Janowice Wielkie
Date: 10.-12.05.2024