INTUITIVE PAINTING WORKSHOP – a personal journey of self-discovery

Intuitive painting is a simple technique for creative expression and you do not need any artistic experience or previous knowledge to do it.

It is a method of painting which invites us intoi ntensive contact with ourselves and our own creativity. The stress of everyday life fades out as we embark on a creative journey ofself-discovery. We stop, we listen and we go where our heart leads us. Thoughts and feelings are welcome and find their expression in our painting.

What’s important is that we paint from intuition instead of planning a painting. This leads to a new encounter with oneself. It is suitable for all who are interested in creative expression and who want to build a loving relationship with themselves. In the creative process we live in the here and now and give ourselves a mindful moment of peace and relaxation.

Feel free to contact me for more details about booking a workshop. Workshops can be for small groups or individuals as well as events (e.g. yoga retreats, Mindfulness training).