DOT MANDALA WORKSHOP – a journey to inner peace

Mandalas are geometric shapes that are understood in many traditions as the highest spiritual art form. The painting of mandalas is a wonderful activity for meditation, self-expression and calming the mind and body. When painting, stress is reduced and inner peace and harmony will return. The beauty of mandalas is that they not only give us peace, but also open a path to ourselves. They are an expression of your unique creative self.

In this workshop I will introduce a technique called DOT MANDALA (dot mandala) and the tools needed for creating beautiful and individualized patterns. This technique has something magical and hypnotic about it: painting dots in this way triggers a meditative state in the attentive viewer and helps the painter steadily move to a place of inner peace. This method centers and balances the soul. The workshop does not require any special skills or previous knowledge. The desire to try it out and play with colors is all that is required.

Feel free to contact me for more details about booking a workshop. Workshops can be for small groups or individuals as well as events (e.g. yoga retreats, Mindfulness training).